Year 7 Algebra Substitution Worksheet

Year 7 Algebra Substitution Worksheet

A worksheet requiring pupils to substitute a range of numbers into a range of expressions. The starter is a fantastic way to introduce the concepts and skills.

Substitution Example In 2020 Math Examples Gcse Math Teaching Math

Improved now there are.

Year 7 algebra substitution worksheet. We have free math worksheets suitable for grade 7. The 8rs ones were aimed at a bottom set year 8. Algebra is a branch of math in which letters and symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulas and equations.

Change the numbers and expressions to alter difficulty. Substitution free maths worksheets and other resources. A great couple of lessons to introduce and advance substitution skills.

With an edplace account you ll be able to track and measure progress helping each child achieve their best. There is gradual progression of difficulty in algebra substitution through 3 algebra ants and an extension activity of the algebra octopus. Multiply decimals divide decimals add subtract multiply and divide integers evaluate exponents fractions and mixed numbers solve algebra word problems find sequence and nth term slope and intercept of a line circles volume surface area ratio percent statistics probability worksheets examples with step by step solutions.

This worksheet also features negative numbers brackets. Click on pictures to see larger versions. Displayable and printable answers and.

An algebra booklet aimed at year 7 introducing the use of symbols simplifying algebraic expressions substitution writing expressions. There is also a codebreaker that results in a hilarious maths joke once cracked plus a tarsia style matching activity. It includes learning objectives key words literacy activites and self assessment for each lesson.

Fun activities follow to secure these skills. A selection of powerpoints aimed at teaching substitution to my year 7 and 8s. We re your national curriculum aligned online education content provider helping each child succeed in english maths and science from year 1 to gcse.

Good classwork homework or revision activity which will hopefully make your pupils smile as they practice their algebra. Code breaking worksheet included. If g 4 and h 7 find the value of a 4gh b 5g 2h c g2h exam questions find the value of 3x 4y when x 2 and y 5 2 find the value of a2 b when a 2 and b 5 2 if u 5 and v 3 find the value of i u 2v 2 ii v 22u 2 if m 3 find the value of.

Here we have free maths worksheets relating to substituting into algebraic expressions. A worksheet for practising substituting numbers into an algebraic expression. The assemblage of printable algebra worksheets encompasses topics like translating phrases evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions solving equations graphing linear and quadratic equations comprehending linear and quadratic functions inequalities.

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