Transformations Of Exponential Functions Worksheet Pdf

Transformations Of Exponential Functions Worksheet Pdf

Evaluate exponential functions graph exponential functions use transformations to graph exponential functions use compound interest formulas an exponential function f with base b is defined by f or x bx y bx where b 0 b 1 and x is any real number. The graph of f x ã translated up 5.

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Transformations of exponential functions to graph an exponential function of the form y a c k b x h apply transformations to the base function yc x where c 0.

Transformations of exponential functions worksheet pdf. Worksheet 3 graphing exponential functions g x hour identify each transformation from the parent function of tell if the function is a decay or growth function. Exponential transformations worksheet 4 write the equation for the function that results from each transformation applied to the base function 𝑓 13 𝑥 a reflect in the x axis vertical reflection b stretch vertically by a factor of 3 c stretch horizontally by a factor of 2 4 d reflect horizontally stretch vertically by factor of 4. C 8 d 8.

F x log 1 4 x g x log 1 4 4x 5 writing transformations of graphs of functions. Any transformation of y bx is also an exponential function. Algebra 1 unit 4.

T i 5m za bdbe m zw ai jt mhi wisn nfmi2n qiktre 1 xaeluguekbvr7ad d29 h worksheet by kuta software llc kuta software infinite algebra 2 name graphing exponential functions date period sketch the graph of each function. The graph of x 2x reflected across the x axis. Identify the asymptote of each graph.

8 b 8. Translations of exponential functions consider the exponential function. Of functions on the same axes by applying the appropriate transformations.

T q zagl8ly or7imgvhmtmsv 3reefsnesrfvne ed0. The equation for the line of an asymptote for a function in the form of f x abx is always y. Transformations of exponential functions worksheet.

Exponential functions notes 3 asymptotes an asymptote is a line that an exponential graph gets closer and closer to but never touches or crosses. î g x 5 2 write the function for each graph described below. Each of the parameters a b h and k is associated with a particular transformation.

F x log 2 x g x 3 log 2 x 6.

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