The Physics Classroom 2009 Answer Key Motion In One Dimension

The Physics Classroom 2009 Answer Key Motion In One Dimension

Describe the motion of the car during each of the two parts of its motion. Which object s change s its direction.

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Motion in one dimension the physics classroom 2009 page 2 7.

The physics classroom 2009 answer key motion in one dimension. The car is moving in the positive direction at a constant velocity a 0 m s s. Motion can be described using words diagrams numerical information equations and graphs. Teachers may print the entire packet or individual think.

Motion diagrams for an amusement park ride are shown. Teachers are granted permission to use them freely with their students and to use it as part of their curriculum. Motion in one dimension the following pdf files represent a collection of classroom ready think sheets pertaining to the topic of motion in one dimension.

Each question may have less than one one or more than one answer. The car is moving in the positive direction and speeding up accelerating. Using diagrams to describe the motion of objects involves depicting the location or position of an object at regular time intervals.

Downward motion begins at 9 0 seconds. The motion of several objects is depicted by a velocity vs. What was the displacement for the entire trip.

Which object s is are not moving. Use the graph to answer the questions. You then walk home.

You then walk home. Answer the following questions. You run from your house to a friend s house that is 3 miles away.

Like a lot of physics word problems there is more than one path to the final answer. This chapter of the physics classroom tutorial explores each of these representations of motion using informative graphics a systematic approach and an easy to understand language. Don t confuse acceleration slope with velocity.

6 miles 3 miles to your friend s 3 miles back home b. Kinematics is the science of describing the motion of objects. The diagrams indicate the positions of the car at regular time.

Which object s is are accelerating. Which object s is are at rest. Consider the following graph of a car in motion.

The think sheets are synchronized to readings from the physics classroom tutorial and to missions of the minds on physics program. In all such problems the solution involves thought and good problem solving strategies draw a picture list what you know list pertinent equations etc. Such descriptions can rely upon words diagrams graphics numerical data and mathematical equations.

The tortoise moving at a constant speed will cover the 1200 m in a time of. What distance did you travel. The physics classroom curriculum corner motion in one dimension describing motion numerically the document shown below can be downloaded and printed.

The rocket is traveling with a greater speed during the time interval from 0 to 1 second than the time interval from 1 to 4 seconds. You run from your house to a friend s house that is 3 miles away.

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