Polyatomic Ions Worksheet Pdf

Polyatomic Ions Worksheet Pdf

Common polyatomic ions name s formula name s formula ammonium nh4 acetate ch3coo c2h3o2 bromate bro3 carbonate co3 2 chlorate clo3 chlorite clo2 chromate cro4 2 cyanide cn dichromate cr2o7 2 hydrogen carbonate bicarbonate hco3 hydrogen sulfate bisulfate hso4 hydrogen phosphate biphosphate hpo4 2 hydroxide oh. Carbonate ion co 3 2 sulfate ion so 4 2 phosphate ion po 4 3 chemical formula help rule 1.

Common Polyatomic Ions Chemistry Lessons Teaching Chemistry Chemistry Education

Antimony sb 3 5 3 arsenic as 3 5 3 bismuth bi 3 5 bromine br 1 5 1 cadmium cd 2 carbon c 2 4 4 chlorine cl 1 1 5 7 chromium cr 2 3 6 cobalt co 2 3 copper cu 1 2 gold au 1 3 hydrogen h 1 1 iodine i 1 7 5 1 iron fe 2 3 lead pb 2 4.

Polyatomic ions worksheet pdf. The charge tells you the combining power. Name or write the formula for the following polyatomic ions. Do not write the charge in the chemical formula.

Name or write the formula for the following polyatomic ions sulfate 2 so 4 co 3 2 carbonate nitrite no 3 mno 3 1 manganate perphosphate 3 po 5 so 5 2 persulfate hypoiodite io bro 2 1 bromite chlorite clo 2 co 4 2 percarbonate phosphite 3 po 3 po 5 3 perphosphate percarbonate 2 co 4 clo. Polyatomic ion worksheet free download and preview download free printable template samples in pdf word and excel formats. Practice on naming and forming polyatomic compounds name ionic compounds that have.

Name or write the formula for the following polyatomic ions sulfate co3 2 nitrite mno3 1 perphosphate so5 2 hypoiodite bro2 1 chlorite co4 2 phosphite po5 3 percarbonate clo1 bromate io2 1 hyposulfite po4 3 permanganate no2 1 carbonite so4 2 2. Polyatomic ions worksheet answer key polyatomic practice 1. Ions are particles with a positive or negative charge.

Brackets are needed when a polyatomic group 1 in a. The chemical formula for magnesium nitrate is mg no 3 2 and not mg 2 no 3 2 or mg no 3 2 rule 2. Polyatomic ions worksheet name period polyatomic practice 1.

The group as a whole shares the charge. So polyatomic ions are groups of many two or more atoms that have a charge. Polyatomic ions worksheet polyatomic practice 1.

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