Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet Pdf

Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet Pdf

Electromagnetic transverse longitudinal answers the electromagnetic spectrum. Sound waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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1 the represents the different forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic spectrum worksheet pdf. Of the electromagnetic spectrum scientists hope to answer the many questions surrounding gamma ray bursts. Use these activities to engage students. The electromagnetic spectrum 2 cesar s booklet the electromagnetic spectrum the colours of light you have surely seen a rainbow and you are probably familiar with the explanation to this phenomenon.

The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has been enlarged below the spectrum. Electromagnetic radiation is energy that spreads out as it travels. Students can draw the visible spectrum and explore how common objects filter light.

The electromagnetic em spectrum is a name given to all of the different types of radiation. Visible light radiation that comes from a lamp in someone s house or radio wave radiation that comes from a radio station are two types of electromagnetic radiation. Gamma ultraviolet visible x rays microwaves infrared radio tv.

Introduce the electromagnetic spectrum by showing students that white light is composed of a rainbow of colors. In approximately 2005 the gamma ray large area space telescope glast will also be launched and should provide scientists with additional insight into the gamma ray burst mystery. You will not need to use every term.

Student worksheet 1 the electromagnetic spectrum the electromagnetic spectrum is comprised of various types of electromagnetic waves. Light waves water waves microwaves and the mexican wave are all examples of waves. Although they vary in frequency and wavelength they share the same features.

The visible spectrum provides instructions for creating a visible spectrum with an overhead projector. Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum. In very basic terms sunlight is refracted as it gets through water droplets suspended in the earth s atmosphere.

Light or the electromagnetic spectrum www nasa gov. Electromagnetic spectrum infrared waves radio waves wavelength frequency microwaves ultraviolet rays x rays use your notes or textbook and the terms in the vocabulary box to fill in the blanks for the following nine questions. Fill in the blanks with the correct colors from the visible spectrum according to their wavelength frequency and energy.

All transverse waves can all travel through a vacuum all travel at a speed of 300 000m sec wavelength m frequency hz 10 20 10 17 10 14. Circle the correct answer. Diffraction and light when passed through a prism or grating light is separated into its component wavelengths this looks like a rainbow in visible light there are wavelengths we can t see with our eyes.

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