Dot Plot Worksheet Answers Pdf

Dot Plot Worksheet Answers Pdf

Plot a has 7 dots. For dot plot write a number line on the board.

Freebie Dot Plot Activity Sheet 4 9a 4 9b 5 9a 5 9c Dot Plot Plot Activities Dot Plot Graph

They cover reading and interpreting dot plotscreating dot plotssee preview to view all pages.

Dot plot worksheet answers pdf. Compare the centers of the dot plots. Plot b s mode is 23 and 24 bi modal. It s the middle number b.

Plot b is skewed to the right so its central measures are shifted toward the higher values. 1 24262136322428 34312632342234 372635 minutes to run 5km 2. The dot plots show the mean number of days with rain per month for two cities.

I can interpret and draw conclusions based upon the data presented in a dot plot histogram scatter plot or box and whisker plot. Plot a is skewed to the left so its central measures are shifted toward the lower values. Below are extra practice resources with answers.

2 pages answer keys you may also like box and whisker plots notes worksheetshistograms no. What do the dot plots tell you about the two cities with respect to. Name dot plot worksheet 1.

Ask five students how many children they have. Plot b has 9 dots. Compare the spreads of the dot plots.

How many data points are in this dot plot. Compare the shapes of the dot plots. Plot a s median is 21.

The dot plot below shows the number of flowers in each teacher s garden. Calculate the mean median and range of the data in the dot plot. These dot plots notes and worksheets are meant to be a review of dot plots for an algebra 1 statistics unit.

Dot plot and histogram block date the following dot plot represents scores on a math project in mr. Answer the following questions based on each of the dot plots. Plot a s mode is 21.

Each dot represents 5 flowers. For each response put a dot above the number line at the correct spot. Plot b s median is 23.

1 date period b g2r0e1g6b skjubtpa aslozfltrw ayries jl lucz h z qa lblt nrtingvhqtust ryets ejrgvhezdu 1 draw a dot plot for each data set. Determine the mean of the data. View dot plots worksheet answer key pdf from aa 1 answer key name answer key date one variable statistics dot plots independent practice 1.

Explain that dot plots consist of a number line and dots are used to visually see the outcomes. Ask students what the median of the dot plot is. The number of boots that 25 students had in their.

Determine the median of the data. Worksheet by kuta software llc pre algebra dot plots name id. The students in one social studies class were asked how many brothers and sisters siblings they each have.

Which teacher has the least number of flowers. Which teacher has the most flowers. How many total flowers are there.

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