Classifying Triangles Worksheet Pdf

Classifying Triangles Worksheet Pdf

Equal sides and equal angles if any are indicated in each diagram. 2 n dawlwld pr 8i ag ehotgs d 1r rerse0r mvfecd u 1 8 gmia fdje u zwziwtphp biqncf aimnki et rek qgvejofm we0tdr jy1.

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Triangles scalene isosceles equilateral use both the angle and side names when classifying a triangle.

Classifying triangles worksheet pdf. Classifying triangles by sides and or angles classify each triangle by its sides. Find the side lengths of each triangle. 1 a equiangular b obtuse c right d acute 2 a acute b obtuse c equiangular d right 3 a right b equiangular c obtuse d acute 4 a acute b obtuse c right d equiangular 5 a right b obtuse c acute d equiangular 6 a acute b right c obtuse d equiangular 7.

An isosceles triangle has a perimeter of 34 cm. What is the side length of an equilateral triangle with a perimeter of 2 36 3 in. 1 equilateral 2 obtuse isosceles 3 obtuse scalene 4 acute isosceles 5 obtuse scalene 6 acute scalene 7 acute isosceles 8 right isosceles 9 60 60 60 equilateral 10 57 55 68 acute scalene 1.

1 12 3. The congruent sides measure 4x 1 cm. Classify each triangle by its angles.

It has at least two congruent sides. 2 36 3 in. Classifying triangles and quadrilaterals date period classify each triangle by its angles and sides.

The chart below shows an example of each type of triangle when it is classified by its sides and. I worksheet by kuta software llc classify each triangle by its angles and. E worksheet by kuta software llc kuta software infinite geometry name classifying triangles date period classify each triangle by each angles and sides.

1 18 3 in. 1 obtuse isosceles 2 obtuse scalene 3 right isosceles. Base your decision on the actual lengths of the sides and the measures of the angles.

Choose the best possible answer. The length of the third side is x cm. 4 classifying triangles c3 lesson 1 an equilateral triangle is also a special isosceles triangle.

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