Classical Conditioning Phobias Worksheet Answer Key

Classical Conditioning Phobias Worksheet Answer Key

Ns red balloon ucs balloon burst ucr crying cs red balloon cr crying 2. Classical conditioning worksheet directions.

Classical Conditioning Worksheets Teaching Resources Tpt

Ndgeraldine had an automobile accident at the corner of 32 and cherry avenue.

Classical conditioning phobias worksheet answer key. Classical conditioning is a form of associative learning which was first discovered by ivan pavlov. Practice with classical conditioning for each example below identify the unconditioned stimulus us unconditioned response ur conditioned stimulus cs and conditioned response cr. Classical conditioning worksheet answers part a 1.

Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. The task was to prove the theory was then taken on by jb watson and rayner and conducted the. Classical conditioning worksheet below are several scenarios depicting classical conditioning.

Ns sheep farmer on motorbike ucs motorbike ucr tail wagging cs motorbike keys cr tail wagging 3. At his old run down apartment every time someone flushed the toilet while tom was taking a shower he immediately jumped out from beneath the water because it would turn the water ice cold. Operant conditioning positive reinforcement.

Classical conditioning ucs injection ucr heart rate increase from drugs. Whenever she approaches the intersection now she begins to feel uncomfortable. She ll praise any answer that is close to the right answer.

Read each story and try to determine the unconditioned stimulus us unconditioned response ur neutral stimulus which becomes the conditioned stimulus ns cs and conditioned response cr. Classical conditioning practice examples answers 1. Operant conditioning worksheet answer sheet.

This worksheet includes a simple one page description of classical conditioning and why it is important in cognitive behavioral therapy cbt. Six examples of classical conditioning are outlined in the following paragraphs. Examples of common difficulties to which this might apply include phobias or other anxieties which respond to exposure based i e.

Her heart begins to beat faster she gets butterflies in her stomach and her palms become sweaty she experiences anxiety fear. His experiment on his dog circa lead him to discoveries of underlying principles of classical conditioning. The more important question that stuck around was if the experiment would work on humans.

In each example identify the unconditioned stimulus unconditioned response conditioned stimulus and the. Briefly explain your choice. Classical and operant conditioning.

Jamie spanks his child for playing in the street. For each of the following operant conditioning situations identify whether this is an example of positive reinforcement negative reinforcement positive punishment or negative punishment.

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Classical Conditioning

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