3 Differences Between Plant And Animal Cells Quizlet

3 Differences Between Plant And Animal Cells Quizlet

A human cell has 46 chromosomes. The Golgi bodies have three primary compartments.

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At the end of mitosis there are two cells each with 46 chromosomes for a total of 92 chromosomes split between both cells.

3 differences between plant and animal cells quizlet. Which statement describes meiosis in a human cell. Plant cells have a few hundreds of the Golgi bodies moving along the cells cytoskeleton over the endoplasmic reticulum as compared to the very few found in animal cells 1-2. At the end of meiosis there are two cells each with 46 chromosomes for a total of 92 chromosomes split between both cells.

Using you knowledge about organelles and muscles how would a muscle cell differ from other types of animal cells. The muscle cell would have larger centrioles than the other types of animal cells. Cytokinesis is a physical process of cell division that normally takes place after mitosisCytokinesis is the physical division of the cell cytoplasm the cell membrane and cell organelles in eukaryotic cells to produce two distinct cells at the end of the cell cycle in both mitosis and meiosis.

In most cells cytokinesis is initiated during the anaphase stage and. Muscle cells are responsible for obtaining energy so the body can perform voluntary and involuntary movement. Cis Golgi network is also known as Goods inwards are the cisternae the is closest to the endoplasmic reticulum.

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