Speed Distance Time Worksheet Ks3

Speed Distance Time Worksheet Ks3

You can choose the types of word problems in the worksheet the number of problems metric or customary units the way time is expressed hours minutes fractional hours or decimal hours and the amount of workspace. Bf 11 00 12 00 we can see that the line is flat so the distance from their starting point did not change they were stationary.

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Using distance time graphs.

Speed distance time worksheet ks3. What speed did it travel at. Jonesk5 functional skills maths revision bundle both levels. We then cover up the one we want to find represented by a red circle and complete the calculation using the other two values from the triangle.

A great lesson plan for time distance graphs with a starter main and plenary. The topic of speed distance and time from the year 8 book of the mathematics enhancement program. You have to be very careful when you calculate the speed because there could be various units used.

Circles 5 compound area involving circles circular compounds worksheet. Speed distance time formula triangle. Speed is worked out by dividing the distance travelled by the time taken.

The formula can also be written in this form. Speed distance time worksheet. A car travels a distance of 540km in 6 hours.

If the distance is in metres m and the time in seconds s the speed is calculated in metres per second m s if the distance is in miles and the time in hours h the speed is calculated in miles per hour mph other units could be given too. A handy way of remembering how to calculate one of speed distance and time is to use one of the triangles below. John is a runner.

Long did it take the train to complete it s journey. Speed distance and time. Both pdf and html formats are available.

A train travels at a speed of 30mph and travel a distance of 240 miles. Make customizable worksheets about constant or average speed time and distance for pre algebra and algebra 1 courses grades 6 9. What distance did she travel.

2 6 recall and use these equations average speed distance time distance travelled average speed x time. A girl cycles for 3hrs at a speed of 40 km h. 2 7 analyse distance time graphs including determination of speed from the gradient.

Time distance speed graphs ks3. The graph below describes a journey that has several parts to it each represented by a different straight line. Free 34 popular paid resources.

The horizontal line means divide and the times symbol means multiply. Bf 09 00 11 00 the person travelled 30 km away from their starting point and that took them 2 hours. Learn how the average speed of an object is calculated and how distance time graphs work with bbc bitesize ks3 science.

For information about these re. Recall some typical speeds encountered in everyday experience for wind and sound and for walking running cycling and other transportation systems.

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