Production Possibilities Curve Worksheet Answer Key

Production Possibilities Curve Worksheet Answer Key

Figure 1 ppc shows the production possibilities curve for the economy of alpha which makes weapons of mass destruction and food. This activity requires them to apply what they have learned by using the information on the curve to answer a series of questions.

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Indicate the curve you choose with two.

Production possibilities curve worksheet answer key. Put students in small groups and distribute copies of the production possibilities curve group activity showing the production possibilities curve for the country of alpha. Ppc practice answer key displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. If all resources are devoted to the production of food alpha can produce 140 000 pounds of food.

What is the opportunity cost of moving from point a to point b. This product includes a two page worksheet that can be used to reinforce or review the production possibilities curve. Suppose massive new sources of oil and coal are found within the economy and there are major.

They are inside the production possibility frontier. A total of 12 questions are included. Use the ppf below to answer the following questions.

That curve bb is the current frontier for this economy. Production possibilities curve frontier worksheet. This product is also included in my production possibilities curve doodle notes packet use this worksheet o as a review after teaching a less.

Label the points where the economy would be efficient a underutilized b and unattainable c. Some of the worksheets for this concept are production possibilities curve tradeoffs production possibilities frontier ppf work unit 1 microeconomics lesson 2 unit 1 basic economic concepts ppc 1041 deskbook practice aids unit 1 macroeconomics lesson 1 ppc tax deskbook and planning guides multiple choice on. Points b c d and h are feasible but inefficient.

130 117 109 89 0 draw a production possibilities curve for robots and wheat using the data above. Production possibilities curve name key 1. In order to produce 1 500 wmd the opportunity.

If society is presently producing 200 units of butter what is the cost of producing an extra 100 units of butter.

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