Dot Plot Worksheet Pdf

Dot Plot Worksheet Pdf

In your own words how would you describe the shape of the distribution. Determine the median of the data.

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Dot plots are one way to display and analyze data.

Dot plot worksheet pdf. Miles run per day 14203212423 21632405315 4. How many data points are in this dot plot. 25 26 27 2928 30 number of students class sizes 6.

The dot plots show the heights of 15 high school basketball players and the heights of 15 high school softball players. Which teacher has the least number of. Plot a is skewed to the left so its central measures are shifted toward the lower values.

1 234 555 56 677 778 13 hits in a round of hacky sack 2 746 797 67 687 767 65 hours slept draw a stem and leaf plot for each data set. Plot b is skewed to the right so its central measures are shifted toward the higher values. Determine the mean of the data.

Dot plots are best for small data sets. Each dot represents one piece of data in the data set. Plot worksheets for 4th grade 5th grade middle school and high school.

All the data is 5 6 or less. The dot plot below shows the number of flowers in each teacher s garden. 3 name age name age name age.

Plot a s median is 21. The students in one social studies class were asked how many brothers and sisters siblings they each have. Display data on dot plots histograms and box plots 285 part 1.

O dot plot is a graphical display of the data using dots each dot represents a unit of data. Plot b s mode is 23 and 24 bi modal. There are many types of graphs which can be used to display data.

Plot a s mode is 21. The following data was collected in a survey asking the number of cd s owned by students. Chocolate candies per bag of trail mix.

Worksheet by kuta software llc kuta software infinite algebra 1 visualizing data name date period 1 draw a dot plot for each data set. Name dot plot worksheet 1. How many total flowers are there.

Each dot represents 5 flowers. Comparing dot plots visually you can compare dot plots visually using various characteristics such as center spread and shape. Visually compare the shapes of the dot plots.

Make a dot plot of the data. Plot a has 7 dots. The following dot plot represents scores on a math project in mr.

Plot b s median is 23. Plot b has 9 dots. Raffl e tickets sold 15 12 16 15 13 14 16 13 13 16 14 12 15 12 14 describe the shape of each distribution.

Number lines dot plots histograms and box plots display numerical data in plots on a number line including dot plots histograms and box plots. Histograms and dot plots worksheet name date hour 1. Instruction lesson 28 find out more on the previous page you displayed the data in a dot plot and analyzed the data.

50 42 45 61 68 55 40 45 60 55 40 45 62 50 44 63.

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