Direct Variation Worksheet Pdf

Direct Variation Worksheet Pdf

Gallons 3 miles x 25 50 75 100 gallons y 1234 compare the ratios to check for a common ratio. Y 5x 4.

Direct Variation Algebra 2 Unit 2 Algebra Functions Algebra Seventh Grade Math

Direct joint and inverse variation direct variation a linear equation of the form y kx with k 0 is called direct variation.

Direct variation worksheet pdf. The variable y varies directly with the variable x in other words the variables change at the same rate. If so identify the constant of variation. Section 3 7 direct variation 139 tell whether x and y show direct variation.

If so state the constant of variation. 2 y varies inversely with x. That s because his pay varies directly as the number of hours worked.

A direct variation is a situation in which two quantities increase or decrease at the same rate. Where is the y intercept of any direct variation equation. Xy 14 28 312 416 3.

2x 3y 0 c. Direct variation worksheet 1. Determine whether each linear function is a direct variation.

5x 6y 30 name the constant of variations k for each equation. 1 6 1 8. Y x b.

Xy 24 12 00 12 4. Xy 0 2 11 24 37 2. Which equation is not an example of a direct variation.

Which equation is not an example of a direct variation. A mechanic who is paid hourly knows that working longer means making more money. Direct and inverse variation worksheet name find the missing variable.

Number each graph with the corresponding problem number and be sure to give each graph a title and to number and label each of the axes. 4 y varies directly with x. 3 6 given that y varies directly with x write the equation that relates x and y.

If y 4 when x 2 find y when x 6. Y 4x d. Find the ratio of y to x to determine the value of k and use it to fill in the table with the missing values.

Direct variation worksheet write the direct variation formula what is a called. A y 7 3 x 1. 1 circle the equation that is not an example of direct variation.

As his hours increase so does the amount of his paycheck. B y 5 16 x c y 4x d y 9x 2 circle the equation that is a direct variation equation. Y 1 x exercises 8 21 example 3 using a direct variation model the height y of a television screen varies directly with its width x.

3 y varies inversely with x. Y 9x 2. X 1 3 y 6.

Choose any four problems from above except 1 to graph on the graphs provided below. The constant of. Xy 3 5.

If the value of one variable doubles. 1 y varies directly with x. Featuring the values of x and y in direct variation this pdf worksheet provides adequate practice in finding the constant of variation.

Miles 1 25 2 50 or 1 25 3 75 or 1 25 4 100 or 1 25 since the ratios are the same the function is a direct variation. If y 40 when x 16 find x when y 5. If y 7 when x 4 find y when x 5.

Constant of variation table. Direct variation worksheet tell whether the equation represents direct variation.

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