Classical And Operant Conditioning Worksheet Answers

Classical And Operant Conditioning Worksheet Answers

Classical and operant conditioning extra practice answers listed at the bottom of this page 2 classical 1. For each of the examples below decide if the behavior in question was acquired through operant or classical conditioning.

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Classical and operant conditioning worksheet answers. Operant conditioning worksheet answer sheet. Context arising before an instance of the behavior is described as the antecedents a and context occurring after the instance of a behavior are described as the consequences c. Jordan was dancing with her boyfriend when the band started playing marry me by train and her boyfriend gave her a kiss that jordan found very enjoyable.

The examples are randomly ordered and there are not equal numbers of each form of operant conditioning. Now every time jordan hears marry me on the radio she. Question set 1 1.

Differences and examples worksheet 1. His famous formulation of law of effect lies at the heart of the operant conditioning. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.

4 2 operant conditioning operant or instrumental conditioning is a form of learning in which the consequences of behaviour lead to changes in the probability that the behaviour will occur. Jamie spanks his child for playing in the street. Classical and operant conditioning examples.

Classical and operant conditioning. A pigeon receives a seed each time it pecks an electronic button on a device. A reinforcer is any stimulus that increases the frequency of a behavior to be a reinforcer stimuli must immediately follow the response and must be perceived as contingent upon.

For each of the following operant conditioning situations identify whether this is an example of positive reinforcement negative reinforcement positive punishment or negative punishment. If you decide the behavior is operant identify which type of consequence was responsible for the behavior. Operant conditioning operant conditioning r s rf a voluntary response r is followed by a reinforcing stimulus srf the voluntary response is more likely to be emitted by the organism.

Briefly explain your choice. Operant conditioning examples for each example below decide whether the situation describes positive reinforcement pr negative reinforcement nr positive punishment pp or negative punishment np. Over time the person begins to jump back.

Conditioning classical and operant learning theories propose that behaviors b are controlled by their context. Thondike 1874 1949 was the pioneer in studying this kind of learning. Classical or operant conditioning.

Terms in this set 10 every time someone flushes a toilet in the apartment building the shower becomes very hot and causes the person to jump back.

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