Angles In Polygons Worksheet Pdf

Angles In Polygons Worksheet Pdf

Section 7 1 angles of polygons 363 finding an unknown exterior angle measure find the value of x in the diagram. 40 12 in a quadrilateral each of two angles has a measure of 132.

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The measure of a second angle is 26.

Angles in polygons worksheet pdf. Key words interior angle p. Solution use the polygon exterior angles theorem to write and solve an equation. In the diagrams shown below interior angles are red and exterior angles.

You are given a starting direction and a description of a turn. Angles with vertex c but they also form together one angle of the quadrilateral. X 68 solve for x.

Round your answer to the nearest tenth if necessary. N s w nw ne sw se e space and shape 143 angles triangles and polygons 1 describe the turn the minute hand of a clock makes between these times. 181 exterior angle p.

181 the definitions for interior angles and exterior angles can be extended to include angles formed in any polygon. The measure of a third angle is 75. 8 2 angles in polygons 417 goal find the measures of interior and exterior angles of polygons.

X 2x 89 67 360 polygon exterior angles theorem 3x 156 360 combine like terms. The value of x is 68. What is the measure of the remaining angle.

A 3 am and 3 30 am b 6 45 pm and 7 pm c 2215 and 2300 d 0540 and 0710 2 here is a diagram of a compass. Similarly angle cab and angle dac are angles in the two triangles the two marked angles with vertex a but they also form together another angle of the quadrilateral. Angle measures in polygons worksheet 2 11 in a triangle the measure of the largest angle is 114.

Polygons and angles date period find the measure of one interior angle in each polygon. 1 108 2 135 3 147 3 4 120 5 140 6 150 7 regular 24 gon 165 8 regular quadrilateral 90 9 regular 23 gon 164 3 10 regular 16 gon 157 5.

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